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With a few months to go before the 2020 Kentucky Derby today we go over Kentucky Derby 146 facts. Did you know that the Kentucky Derby is bigger and better than ever? Churchill Downs recently bumped the total purse of the Kentucky Derby due to an increase in revenues with the slot-machine like historical racing machines.

As a result, the Churchill Downs will be adding more seats to the track and they also plan on building a hotel attached to the track so you can stay in the hotel and watch the big race from a private room.
Churchill Downs continues to make the Kentucky Derby more hospitable to patrons. Even if you can’t make it to the track on Derby day, you’ll be able wager on the big race from your online race book account.

This 10-furlong race is typically the longest distance that most of these horses have run. That’s why the Kentucky Derby is so unpredictable. It comes down to the strength and stamina of the horse.
Only two horses have run the race in under 2 minutes flat. Those horses are Secretariat and Monarchos.

Kentucky Derby 146 2020

Updated Kentucky Derby 146 Facts and Notes

Betting on the Kentucky Derby is easier than ever. With mobile apps allowing users to lock-in future bets before the big day, you’ll be able to get lucrative odds on horses that might be able to win. Experts expect this to be the biggest Kentucky Derby betting pool of all time.

The Kentucky Derby holds the longest continuous streak of being an annual sporting event in America. Since 1876, the Derby has been run at Churchill Downs.

The Kentucky Derby offers some of the best payouts of any race around the world. Given the fact that 20 horses will line up to race one another, it makes it a unique event because rarely ever do horse races in America feature this many runners. That’s one of the things that makes this event so unique.

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