Kentucky Derby 146 Prep Races

As the Road to the Kentucky Derby 146 prep races starts to heat up, it is important to watch each leg of the prep races in order to determine which horses could win the blanket of roses.

You may also want to find an online race book that will give you bonus dollars for logging in and betting on the Derby.

Despite this, you may also be tempted to place a wager on one of the Kentucky Derby prep races. This helps you gauge the talent before the big race while also helping you build your bankroll.

Some of the most notable Kentucky Derby 146 prep races you should watch are:

The San Felipe Stakes
The Sunland Derby
The Tampa Bay Derby
The Risen Star Stakes

These graded stakes races also provide leaderboard points to allow horses to qualify for the big race. Sports betting fans enjoy following these races and even betting on these races throughout the spring racing season.

List of Kentucky Derby 146 Prep Races

Kentucky Derby 146 Prep Races

Betting on Kentucky Derby 146 Prep Races will give you an idea of how your horse will run on Derby day. This intelligence will give you the upper hand when it comes time to start handicapping.

Additionally, many online race books have a free replay feature. This allows you to start betting on horses after watching their last race. If you are someone who handicaps using visuals, watching the replays of all of the Kentucky Derby 146 prep races is a must.

This gives you an edge over what you’ll find in past performance sheets because trip notes do not always tell the full story of a race. For example, what if you bet on a horse that throws up a clunker race right before the Derby? Could this horse regain form at the Kentucky Derby and surprise the field at long odds? Using the Kentucky Derby prep races as a measure how good a horse can be will help you during your Kentucky Derby 146 handicapping sessions.

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