Will the Kentucky Derby be Postponed?

Many of our visitors have asked us, Will the Kentucky Derby be postponed? In a word, yes. The 146th Kentucky Derby will be postponed to September 5th, 2020. The race will still take place at Churchill Downs, however has been pushed back to September.

If you’ve ever looked at a racing form, you can easily get overwhelmed. With stats, percentages and other jargon that doesn’t really make sense. These angles could be profitable. However, if you are able to bet them correctly but that is an art form into itself.

Therefore, what can you do to bring home a profit on Kentucky Derby day? What trends and analysis can you pick up in order to make educated wagers? Let’s look a bit closer at these trends that can help you pick winners.

Closers Haven’t Been Successful in Recent Years

Having said that, if you go back and watch the replays of the past few Derby winners, you’ll notice that most of them are on the lead or near the lead in the final turn. This is important to know. For the reason that horses that do not have to pass other horses have a clear pathway to generate momentum.

News for Will Kentucky Derby Be Postponed to September 2020

Will The Kentucky Derby Be Postponed

Firstly, they aren’t getting dirt kicked in the face. Also, they’ve covered less track since they can likely move towards the inside rail as they make their move.

However, if you had bet on horses with closing, come from behind styles, you’d be down money when you calculate wagers on a $2 metric.

Betting on Horses That Have Already Peaked

Secondly, one of the toughest things to do as a handicapper is to find the horse that has already peaked and throw him out. The way to look for this is to look for the horse that hasn’t won a race in months and perhaps only snuck into the Kentucky Derby on a perfect trip. Ready to do that?

In conclusion, the best example of this in the 2019 Kentucky Derby was By My Standards. He was a fantastic horse in his own right but he was entirely outclassed by the field at the 2019 Derby. He won his qualifying race at 22/1 betting odds to make it into the Derby but if you re-watch the race, everything went bad for his rival and By My Standards found daylight on the rail and took advantage.

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