Bill Mott and This Year’s Kentucky Derby

Last year, Hall of Fame trainer Bill Mott won his first Kentucky Derby. The victory was under a cloud of controversy. What will happen at this year’s Kentucky Derby? Last year Maximum Security, which appeared to have won the Derby, was disqualified. The decision was for interference and the race was awarded to Mott’s Country House.

Firstly, this year, Mott is hoping to win his second Kentucky Derby. However, would like to avoid another controversial finish. Will controversy loom the Derby, for instance?

“We were lucky. We were grateful,” Mott said. “But I really would like to win the Derby and have my horse finish in front. I’d like to have his nose get out there somehow and be the one in front — no objections and no controversy.”

Secondly, Mott, who had lost his nine previous chances to win a Kentucky Derby, will have a great chance to win his second Derby with Modernist. Modernist, the winner of the second division of Saturday’s Risen Star at Fair Grounds. Does this horse have what it takes?

“It seems like he’s got plenty of stamina and, as you can see, he had tactical speed going into the first turn,” Mott said. “And besides that, he was a gem in the paddock. He walked over here like a professional — not like a horse that’s run two or three times, and they get a little wound up, they’re sweating, they’re a little overly anxious. The disposition becomes so important going into these races. If they handle it well, they recover so much better.”

What Does Bill Mott Have Planned This Year’s Kentucky Derby

Bill Mott This Year's Kentucky Derby

Therefore, Mott also gave credit to Fair Grounds and Churchill Downs Inc.. Thanks for awarding the full $400,000 in purse money for both Risen Star flights which drew 23 entries.

“There’s a lot of people who want to find out about their horses this time of year, we being one of them,” Mott said. “If they didn’t split the race. We might have tweaked in on earnings, but I’m not exactly sure. If they’d had a 14-horse field, we might have been sitting out No. 14 or 15.”

Finally, Mott had this to say. “…I just thought if there was any shot of doing what we wanted to do — going to the Derby — he had to run in here today to find out.”

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