Kentucky Derby 2020 Odds

We’re quickly nearing the 146th Kentucky Derby. Today, we are outlining Kentucky Derby 2020 odds and betting picks. The Kentucky Derby is one of the largest in-person sporting events held in the United States. This year will be without fans. Routinely drawing over 150,000 people. Kentucky Derby gets twice as many people as the Super Bowl. Hard to believe? The Kentucky Derby is an iconic event because it is much more than a horse race, it’s an American institution. Here are some fun facts about the Kentucky Derby.

Wagering Record: $165 Million!

Did you know that over $165 million dollars was wagered on Kentucky Derby 2019? Yes. That amount shattered the previous year’s amount of $150 million dollars. With so many sports bettors unable to bet on their favorite sporting events during Covid-19. Many analysts believe that the Kentucky Derby could shatter the betting record that was set last year.

Kentucky Derby: America’s First Road Trip Event?

Did you know that the Kentucky Derby was the first sporting event that many Americans used their vehicles to drive to? Not in 2020. When we go see our favorite football or baseball teams, we often take for granted how we are able to hop in our cars and go.

Updated Kentucky Derby 2020 Odds for Betting Online

Kentucky Derby 2020 Odds

The Kentucky Derby was one of the first events that people actually drove to in their vehicles and the event still attracts hundreds of thousands of road trippers each year.

120,000 Mint Juleps Served

The official beverage of the Kentucky Derby is the Mint Julep. Did you know that Churchill Downs serves nearly 120,000 Mint Juleps each year on Derby Day? The official Mint Julep is made with Old Forrester Kentucky Bourbon and the drink has been a staple of the Kentucky Derby since the 1800s.

Pop Culture

The Kentucky Derby has been a fixture in television, movies and music. Even some of the earliest films such as the Hustler show “Fast Eddie” Felson taking a trip to Louisville so that he can watch the Kentucky Derby.

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