Santa Anita Park Races Update

Next, news of Santa Anita Park races update. Are races returning anytime soon? Yes.

Firstly, racing at Santa Anita Park was suspended on Friday at the direction of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. The notice provided by the department stated.

Secondly, “After a review by our department, live racing of horses has been deemed a non-essential operation. Horse racing may not continue under the health officer order.”

Therefore, despite the announcement by the state’s health department, Aidan Butler, acting director of California racing for The Stronach Group, said Sunday that he is “fairly optimistic” racing will soon return to Santa Anita Park.

“I’m an optimistic guy,” Butler said.

Furthermore, the health department’s decision came a few hours after the California Horse Racing Board released an advisory noting the board “is relying on state, county and local health authorities to determine whether horse racing is deemed essential for exemption from shelter-in-place orders issued by those authorities.

Upcoming Santa Anita Park Races Update Soon

Santa Anita Park Races Update

“The CHRB will assist health authorities in enforcing their decisions.”
Even though racing has been suspended at the Santa Anita Park, it continues in other parts of the state. Butler said Santa Anita officials “are in an open dialogue with the L.A. County health department.

“They do seem to be understanding, or are starting to understand, the really unique circumstances surrounding horse racing,” Butler said on Thoroughbred Los Angeles. “Giving us the ability to train without the ability to race…doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Optically, to the outside world, it’s, ‘Why would you continue racing?’ I keep saying these people don’t quite get it.

However, if you understand how the ecosystem works, you need to train. If you have the inability to race, then the training is put in jeopardy because obviously the whole financial engine [of racing] funds all of the ability to keep the backside going, for instance. It just needs a little more explaining and a few tweaks to our protocols. But I’m fairly optimistic we can get back up and running.”

In conclusion, the we can expect races come May.

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