How to Bet on Kentucky Derby Online 2021

The Kentucky Derby is the biggest horse racing event of the year, so it isn’t surprising that it is also one of the most bet on events every year. This year the race has been set for Saturday, May 1st, 2021. If you want to learn how to bet on Kentucky Derby online or Triple Crown then you’ve come to the right spot. Today we will be covering picks and predictions for Tiz the Law on how to bet on Kentucky Derby online for bettors in the U.S. and Canada looking to participate in Kentucky Derby online betting for the 146th running of the first leg of the Triple Crown.

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If you are new to betting on horse races and want to know how to bet on this year’s Kentucky Derby, here are a few ways to bet on the event.

Types of Kentucky Derby Bets

Wagering on horses is pretty simple, use this guide to help you with how to bet on Kentucky Derby online and jump into the action with ease.

  • Straight Wagers

Like any other sport, you can simply pick the winner of the Kentucky Derby. You can do this by betting on the horse you think will win. However, when it comes to horse racing, you can also bet on the horse you think will come second.  Also, you can pick a horse you think will finish third.

Kentucky Derby Online Betting 2020
In racing picking a horse to place means you expect the horse to finish second.  Picking a horse to show means you expect the horse to come third.

  • Exacta

In this scenario, you pick the horse that you think will win and the horse you think will finish second. However, you have to pick them in the exact order to win the best.

  • Trifecta

This requires you to pick the first, second, and third place finishers. Like the exacta, the horses have to finish in the right order to win the bet.

  • Superfecta

To win this bet, you have to pick the first, second, third, and fourth place finishers in the right order. You should note the difficulty of picking the top four finishers, the payouts for these bets are big.

Kentucky Derby Morning Odds 2021

Below we have a complete updated list of Kentucky Derby morning odds for 2021.

Update: Gold Street has been scratched from the Kentucky Derby. Do not bet on Gold Street for the 146th Derby.

  • Tiz the Law -135 Wagering Lines
  • Honor AP +750 Betting Odds
  • Authentic +1200 Wagering Lines
  • Thousand Words +2200 Wagering Lines
  • Cafe Pharoah NA Betting Odds
  • Sole Volante +5500 Betting Odds
  • Uncle Chuck NA Wagering Lines
  • Enforceable +5000 Betting Odds
  • Honor A P +750 Wagering Lines
  • Eight Rings NA Betting Odds
  • King Guillermo +2800 Betting Odds
  • Anneau D’Or NA Betting Odds
  • Gouverneur Morris NA Betting Odds
  • Storm the Court +9000 Wagering Lines
  • Structor NA Betting Odds
  • Basin NA Betting Odds
  • Chance It NA Wagering Lines
  • High Velocity NA Betting Odds
  • Max Player +4500 Wagering Lines
  • Answer In NA Betting Odds
  • Azul Coast NA Wagering Lines
  • Cezanne NA Betting Odds
  • Dr Post +1200 Wagering Lines
  • Money Moves +8000 Wagering Lines
  • NY Traffic +3500 Wagering Lines
  • Major Fed +8000 Wagering Lines
  • Necker Island +17500 Wagering Lines
  • Winning Impression +1200 Wagering Lines
  • Mr. Big News +12500 Wagering Lines
  • Finnick the Fierce +15000 Wagering Lines

The best odds favorite to win the 146th Kentucky Derby is Omaha Beach.

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Bet on Kentucky Derby 2020 Online

While most people think of the Kentucky Derby as just one race, there are several races that lead into the Derby that could be profitable for you to bet upon. Therefore, today we have information to bet on Kentucky Derby 2020 online. Did you know that in 2018, a woman in Austin Tx bet $18 on a Pick 5 wager in the Kentucky Derby undercard that returned nearly $1.2 million dollars? Talk about big.

While there is plenty of money to be made at the Kentucky Derby itself. There’s also other races you might want to follow. Let’s look at some of those races.

The Kentucky Oaks.

The Kentucky Oaks is like the Kentucky Derby. However, it is restricted female horses. These three-year-old fillies actually race the Friday before the Derby. Also, this race is one of the more popular races outside of the Kentucky Derby itself. Last year’s Kentucky Oaks winner went off at 14/1 betting odds.

Guide to Bet on Kentucky Derby 2020 Online

Bet On Kentucky Derby 2020 Online

One of the more popular side wagers is the Kentucky Oaks/Kentucky Derby double wager. That’s where you get to wager upon the winner of both races and if you win, you will most likely see a significant return on your investment. Last year’s Oaks/Derby double paid $1,290 for a $2 wager.

The Pat Day Mile

The Kentucky Derby is a 2 turn 1.25 mile trip around Churchill Downs. Named after the legendary jockey Pat Day, The Pat Day Mile is a graded stakes event that happens a few races before the Kentucky Derby itself. This race often attracts some of the best 1 turn horses in the country and the Pat Day Mile is a great race to handicap if you are trying to bring home a big payday on Derby Day. If you are trying to build a bankroll before the big race, the Pat Day mile is a great race with a ton of betting action.

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Top Kentucky Derby Betting Tips

Ready for some Kentucky Derby betting tips? You’re just in time. The Kentucky Derby is one of the most widely wagered upon events of the year. With 20 horses in the starting gates, you can cash in some huge exacta, trifecta and superfecta wagers if you are able to handicap the race properly. Let’s look at some of the best Kentucky Derby wagering strategies.

Exacta Boxes

One of the best ways to get a massive payoff in the Kentucky Derby is to do an exacta box. For example, did you know that if you had the exacta for last year’s Derby, a $2 wager returned $3,009. What other event can give you a 1,500x return on your initial base investment? An exacta box is a simple wager, you pick a few horses and if any combination of the two horses you pick finished 1st and 2nd, you win the bet.

Top Kentucky Derby Betting Tips 2020

Trifecta Boxes

A trifecta box wager is the same as an exacta except you are picking the top 3 horses instead of the top 2. The base wager for a trifecta is only 50 cents so a 3-horse trifecta box only costs $3. You can add more horses to your trifecta box to give yourself more chances to win. Did you know that in 2019, the Kentucky Derby trifecta payout was $5,735 for a 50-cent base wager?

Best Ways to Use Kentucky Derby Betting Tips

Superfecta Boxes

Are you looking for minimal risk with maximum reward? A superfecta box lets you pick the top 4 finishers of a race in any order. As long as the 4 horses you pick finish in the top 4, you win your bet. Best of all, the base wager for a superfecta is 10 cents and a 4 horse superfecta box only costs $2.40. If you had the Kentucky Derby superfecta in 2019, your 10 cent base wager would have paid out an incredible $5,100.

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Kentucky Derby 2020 Odds

We’re quickly nearing the 146th Kentucky Derby. Today, we are outlining Kentucky Derby 2020 odds and betting picks. The Kentucky Derby is one of the largest in-person sporting events held in the United States. This year will be without fans. Routinely drawing over 150,000 people. Kentucky Derby gets twice as many people as the Super Bowl. Hard to believe? The Kentucky Derby is an iconic event because it is much more than a horse race, it’s an American institution. Here are some fun facts about the Kentucky Derby.

Wagering Record: $165 Million!

Did you know that over $165 million dollars was wagered on Kentucky Derby 2019? Yes. That amount shattered the previous year’s amount of $150 million dollars. With so many sports bettors unable to bet on their favorite sporting events during Covid-19. Many analysts believe that the Kentucky Derby could shatter the betting record that was set last year.

Kentucky Derby: America’s First Road Trip Event?

Did you know that the Kentucky Derby was the first sporting event that many Americans used their vehicles to drive to? Not in 2020. When we go see our favorite football or baseball teams, we often take for granted how we are able to hop in our cars and go.

Updated Kentucky Derby 2020 Odds for Betting Online

Kentucky Derby 2020 Odds

The Kentucky Derby was one of the first events that people actually drove to in their vehicles and the event still attracts hundreds of thousands of road trippers each year.

120,000 Mint Juleps Served

The official beverage of the Kentucky Derby is the Mint Julep. Did you know that Churchill Downs serves nearly 120,000 Mint Juleps each year on Derby Day? The official Mint Julep is made with Old Forrester Kentucky Bourbon and the drink has been a staple of the Kentucky Derby since the 1800s.

Pop Culture

The Kentucky Derby has been a fixture in television, movies and music. Even some of the earliest films such as the Hustler show “Fast Eddie” Felson taking a trip to Louisville so that he can watch the Kentucky Derby.

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Kentucky Derby 146 Future Wagers Odds

One of the best ways to lock in lucrative odds on the Kentucky Derby is to bet on Kentucky Derby 146 future wagers odds. While many of the tote services may offer a future wager right before the Derby. Online sportsbooks are able help you lock in more lucrative odds. This is especially true for long shot horses. There are instances where you might be able to get 50/1 on a horse that might enter the gates at 20/1 on Derby day. Let’s look at 3 reasons why should look at a Kentucky Derby future wager.


Some online sportsbooks are offering 100/1+ odds on a few horses to win the Kentucky Derby. Want to know who? With the Kentucky Derby happening in September, many horses that aren’t in form over the summer. Could begin to peak going into the fall season. Because of this, it could be valuable endeavor to go ahead and bet on a horse to win the Kentucky Derby. At long odds now. Unless you go to Las Vegas, the only sportsbooks offering these kinds of odds are offshore sportsbooks.

Betting on Kentucky Derby 146 Futures Wagers Odds Online

Kentucky Derby 146 Future Wagers Odds

Bet with Crypto

One of the understated advantages of betting on the Kentucky Derby using an online casino is that you can use Bitcoin. Also, other cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw. For some sports bettors, betting with crypto is preferred to USD. The Kentucky Derby could be one more way for you to build your crypto stack.

Deposit Bonuses

It’s easier than ever to use an online casino to place Kentucky Derby Futures bets. Many online casinos will be offering lucrative horse racing bonuses given the fact that many sports have been offline for several months. Many sportsbooks want your betting action and the Kentucky Derby futures wager is the perfect opportunity to get back into the game. Bet on your Kentucky Derby horse today!

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Could a Filly Win the KentuckyDerby in 2020?

Could a filly win the KentuckyDerby in 2020? Yes! One of the more interesting Kentucky Derby stats is that there have only been 3 female horses. To ever win the Kentucky Derby. While in international racing circuits. It is common for the girls to race the boys. In America, colts and geldings typically race each other exclusively and it is quite rare for a filly to race against the boys.

The last filly to win the KentuckyDerby was Winning Colors in 1987. Jockeyed by the legendary Gary Stevens. Winning Colors put on an outstanding performance. Setting blistering fractions. Also, just holding on long enough to finish first in the Run for the Roses. Are there any fillies that might try their luck against the boys this year?

One horse that is rapidly becoming a favorite for the Kentucky Oaks is Swiss Skydiver. While many online sportsbooks have Swiss Skydiver as an early favorite for the Kentucky Oaks. Many have wondered if her trainer Ken McPeek will have her take a shot against the boys. This in an upcoming Derby qualifying event. Swiss Skydiver pulled off a 19/1 upset at Oaklawn Park to beat the Grade 1 winner Venetian Harbor this past spring.

Odds to Win the KentuckyDerby

Odds to Win KentuckyDerby

That victory catapulted this filly into the imagination of many horse racing fans given the fact that this horse looks like she can get the classic 1 ¼ mile distance without any issues. In photographs, her physique is chiseled and she has plenty of stamina and tactical speed that would make her competitive against this year’s Kentucky Derby field. Who will win the KentuckyDerby?

Swiss Skydiver draws a lot of comparisons to Winning Colors given her meager auction price. Many horse racing experts suggest Swiss Skydiver was a bargain as the McPeek family purchased her for under $100,000. If the McPeek barn points Swiss Skydiver onto the Kentucky Derby trail instead of the Kentucky Oaks trail, she could pull off a monumental upset.

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International Kentucky Derby Contenders

One of the more interesting parts of the Kentucky Derby is that the race draws in horses from the international circuit. From all over the world. Today, we review the best International Kentucky Derby Contenders. For example, in Kentucky Derby 145, Master Fencer was representing the Japanese Horse Racing Circuit in last year’s Kentucky Derby. Let’s take a quick peek at this year’s international contingent.

Herrschaft (JPN)

Herrschaft won a qualifying race in Japan. To get 40 Derby points. This horse won his race at Nakayama. Also, was one of the favorites to do so. At this time, it is unclear if this horse will actually ship over the United States. To run in the Kentucky Derby. It should be noted that if this horse declines his Kentucky Derby bid, the horse with the next highest amount of points will automatically get the invitation to ship into Louisville. Which horse will it be?

Top International Kentucky Derby Contenders 2020

International Kentucky Derby Contenders

Chares (GER)

Secondly, Chares won his Kentucky Derby qualifying race. It was at Kempton Park in the European Union. This horse has explosive speed. Also, could be a real danger if the trainer decides to ship him over. It’s interesting to note that Chares is a German bred horse. Most German breds are known for being turf horses. Many races in the European Union are conducted on synthetic surfaces so there is a question of whether or not the surface switch will be a positive or negative for these horses. It should be noted that Animal Kingdom won his Kentucky Derby qualifying race on a synthetic surface at Turfway Park so it isn’t unheard of for a horse make this transition and be successful.

In conclusion, could an international horse win the Kentucky Derby this year? It’s a rare feat. Two of the most popular non-US based horses to win were Northern Dancer back in the 60s. Also, Sunny’s Halo in the 80s. Given the way 2020 has gone. Anything could happen in this year’s edition of the Kentucky Derby, for instance.

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Kentucky Derby 146 Preview Picks

Welcome to our 2020 Kentucky Derby 146 preview. Below, we will review picks and predictions for Kentucky Derby betting. One of the most exhilarating feelings in all of sports wagering is when you are watching a horse race and your longshot comes running down the stretch with none of the other horses able to catch up. This year’s Kentucky Derby could be the most unpredictable Kentucky Derby ever. Given the postponement of the Kentucky Derby, many horses that were shooting to be in top form by May could very well be out of form in September. Let’s take a closer look at some horses that could prove to upset the Kentucky Derby 146 field.


The Steve Asmussen trained horse Basin could very well sneak into first place based on his previous races. When you look at the horses past races, he has been in contention in several Grade 1 events and lost to Charlatan by a couple lengths in the Arkansas Derby. If Basin can continue to improve, he could be in top form by September and he could spring a Kentucky Derby upset at long odds.

Online Betting Kentucky Derby 146 Preview

Kentucky Derby 146 Preview Picks

Ete Indian

A speedster from the Florida Circuit named Ete Indian could steal the show at Kentucky Derby 146. When horse racing analysts talk about handicapping a race, they often talk about the lone speed of the race. They are essentially talking about the horse that could set the pace and not falter. Ete Indian is a prime lone speed candidate for the Kentucky Derby. This horse keeps getting better with every start and he’s almost assured a gate in the Kentucky Derby given how many points he has accumulated thus far.


Shivaree shocked the world by running a monster race in the Florida Derby. Although Shivaree took 2nd place, that was enough points to put the colt into contention for the Kentucky Derby. More impressively, this horse took 2nd place in the Florida Derby at over 80/1 odds. With so many Kentucky Derby winners coming through the Florida circuit, you cannot afford to ignore Shivaree on Kentucky Derby day.

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Pneumatic Earns Final Kentucky Derby Spot

Pneumatic earns the final Kentucky Derby spot for Kentucky Derby 2020. The Kentucky Derby is a little over two weeks away. The top 20 spots in the race have now been filled thanks to Pneumatic’s win at the Pegasus Stakes over the weekend.

Pneumatic entered the race sitting at 22 in the Kentucky Derby points standings. However, he managed to pick up 20 points with the win at the Pegasus Stakes. Which moved him into the 20th spot in the standings.

Earlier in the week, Scott Blasi, the assistant to Hall of Fame trainer Steve Asmussen, said that he and his boss would have to see the right signs from Pneumatic in Saturday’s race. Before making a decision about going forward with the lightly-raced colt.

Pneumatic impressed his trainers. Rolling to a 2 1/4-length victory over Jesus’ Team in the $150,000 Pegasus Stakes.
Jockey Joe Bravo was also impressed with Pneumatic’s performance at the Pegasus Stakes.

Pneumatic Kentucky Derby Spot Betting Odds

Pneumatic Kentucky Derby Spot Predictions

“I don’t know what their plans are going forward. With this horse but I’d like to say he did this very effortlessly and well within himself,” Bravo said.

In his last start, Pneumatic finished fourth at the Belmont Stakes. However, he got off to a fast start at the Pegasus Stakes. Also, was able to easily hold off a rallying Jesus’ Team.

“I talked to Steve. And his assistant Scott Blasi this morning and they were really excited about the horse,” Bravo said. “But you never really know until you sit on them. He was just in full control the whole time. A very relaxed animal — he was going very smoothly.

“I give credit to the other two horses for hanging with him for second and third because we kicked so solidly turning for home and I looked and I said `okay, they’ve stayed with us for a little bit.’ ”

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Tiz the Law Kentucky Derby Bet

Tiz the Law cements self as horse to beat at Churchill Downs. Looking to place a Tiz the Law Kentucky Derby bet? Look no further.

The 2020 Kentucky Derby is officially less than a month away, but one horse has shown that he will be the horse to beat at Churchill Downs this year.

Tiz the Law dominated the Travers Stakes on Saturday, while rolling to a geared down victory of 5 1/2 lengths.
“We saw a performance today that just blows me away,” Sackatoga managing partner Jack Knowlton said.

With the win at the 1¼-mile Travers, Tiz the Law is now undefeated as a three-year-old, winning all four races he’s been entered in, including the Belmont Stakes.

Bob Baffert-trained Uncle Chuck was expected to mount a challenge but couldn’t deliver.

Best 2020 Tiz the Law Kentucky Derby Bet to Make

Tiz the Law Kentucky Derby Bet

“When I pressed the button, he just took off,” Franco said. “He accelerated really hard. After that, I took a peek back and he was going away and I just saved horse.”

“It’s the way I thought he would be all along,” trainer Barclay Tagg said. “I thought he’d have to come to Uncle Chuck into the stretch and he would go by him if he quit. It went so easy for him, which is fine with me, too. The easier, the better.”

With the win, Tiz the Law gave the owners of Sackatoga Stable their first Belmont and Travers triumphs.

“I really believe after this race that he is going to be adopted, not only by Saratoga but also by New York, and hopefully the country,” Knowlton said. “The mask we have with Tiz on it, we’ve been getting calls from California and all over the country; they want a Tiz the Law mask. This is the greatest springboard to move on to Kentucky and I think he’s proven today that he certainly is a mile and a quarter horse and Barclay has said that all along.”

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