How to Bet on Kentucky Derby Online 2020

The Kentucky Derby is the biggest horse racing event of the year, so it isn’t surprising that it is also one of the most bet on events every year. If you want to learn how to bet on Kentucky Derby online or Triple Crown then you’ve come to the right spot. Today we will be covering picks and predictions for Omaha Beach on how to bet on Kentucky Derby online for bettors in the U.S. and Canada looking to participate in Kentucky Derby online betting for the 146th running of the first leg of the Triple Crown.

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If you are new to betting on horse races and want to know how to bet on this year’s Kentucky Derby, here are a few ways to bet on the event.

Types of Kentucky Derby Bets

Wagering on horses is pretty simple, use this guide to help you with how to bet on Kentucky Derby online and jump into the action with ease.

  • Straight Wagers

Like any other sport, you can simply pick the winner of the Kentucky Derby. You can do this by betting on the horse you think will win. However, when it comes to horse racing, you can also bet on the horse you think will come second.  Also, you can pick a horse you think will finish third.

Bet On Kentucky Derby 2020 Online
In racing picking a horse to place means you expect the horse to finish second.  Picking a horse to show means you expect the horse to come third.

  • Exacta

In this scenario, you pick the horse that you think will win and the horse you think will finish second. However, you have to pick them in the exact order to win the best.

  • Trifecta

This requires you to pick the first, second, and third place finishers. Like the exacta, the horses have to finish in the right order to win the bet.

  • Superfecta

To win this bet, you have to pick the first, second, third, and fourth place finishers in the right order. You should note the difficulty of picking the top four finishers, the payouts for these bets are big.

Kentucky Derby Morning Odds 2020

Below we have a complete updated list of Kentucky Derby morning odds for 2020.

Update: Gold Street has been scratched from the Kentucky Derby. Do not bet on Gold Street for the 146th Derby.

  • Nadal +800 Betting Odds
  • Tiz the Law +1000 Wagering Lines
  • Dennis Moment +1200 Betting Odds
  • Authentic +1400 Wagering Lines
  • Maxfield +1600 Betting Odds
  • Thousand Words +1600 Wagering Lines
  • Sole Volante +1800 Betting Odds
  • Independence Hall +2000 Wagering Lines
  • Enforceable +2200 Betting Odds
  • Honor AP +2200 Wagering Lines
  • Eight Rings +2500 Betting Odds
  • No Parole +2500 Wagering Lines
  • Anneau D’Or +2800 Betting Odds
  • Three Technique +3000 Wagering Lines
  • Gouverneur Morris +3300 Betting Odds
  • Storm the Court +3300 Wagering Lines
  • Structor +3300 Betting Odds
  • Taraz +3300 Wagering Lines
  • Basin +4000 Betting Odds
  • Chance It +4000 Wagering Lines
  • High Velocity +4000 Betting Odds
  • Max Player +4000 Wagering Lines
  • Answer In +4500 Betting Odds
  • Azul Coast +5000 Wagering Lines
  • Blackberry Wine +5500 Betting Odds

The best odds favorite to win the 146th Kentucky Derby is Omaha Beach.

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Amoss To Test No Parole On 2020 Derby Trail

No Parole, a Tom Amoss trained thoroughbred, has looked impressive in two Fair Ground starts, winning by a combined 27 1/2 lengths. He looked impressive again on Saturday, winning Delta Downs’ $100,000 Premier Night Prince.

Firstly, after the win, Amoss said the horse proved it can handle the distance and is ready to be tested on the Kentucky Derby trail.

“I think we have to try one of the Triple Crown preps,” Amoss said. “He earned it tonight and showed what a good horse he is.”

Secondly, No Parole got off to a fast start and quickly led the race by a length and a half. The margin grew wider when Outofmybind, his closest pursuer, was out of the running. The final time for a mile was 1:39.93 with No Parole, off at 1-9, a 6 1/2-length winner.

No Parole Has A Shot Says Tom Amoss

No Parole Tom Amoss

“He relaxed well and finished really fast,” Graham said. “…He’s very explosive — very willing to do anything you want to do. Also, great to ride, and thanks to Tom. He’s getting me on him for a while anyway.”

“Everything he does is effortless,” Amoss said. “That’s how he’s prepared. Even before we first ran him, we knew we had something special. Nothing against the Louisiana-bred program — we love it — but I told Maggi about three weeks before we ran him that this isn’t just a good Louisiana-bred; this is a very good horse.”

In conclusion, No Parole made his debut on December 15 and won again in Allowance Company on Jan. 11 before making his stakes debut on Saturday. With his eye on the Kentucky Derby trail, Amoss hasn’t decided which race No Parole will be entered in next and plans to discuss options with owner Maggi Moss in the coming days.

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Welcome to Kentucky Derby 2019

Today is the 145th Kentucky Derby 2019! Welcome to your home of online horse race betting. To bet on Kentucky Derby 2019 online you have come to the best betting site.

For many horse-racing fans, attending the Kentucky Derby is lifelong bucket list item. Many fans are able to dress up in their very best while walking and perusing through the paddock. The ladies wear the most outrageous hats while the men dress up in suits and ties. Everyone is at the Kentucky Derby with one goal in mind: To have a good time.

Betting on the races is fun but even if you go to Kentucky Derby, you may not want to wait in long betting lines in order to lock in your odds. Did you know that you can use your mobile phone to login to your favorite online sportsbook and use your sportsbook funds to bet on the Kentucky Derby?

For example, if you have a Bovada account, you can login, deposit with your credit card or cryptocurrency and begin betting on the Kentucky Derby on the race book tab. There are several advantages to using an offshore sportsbook to bet on the Kentucky Derby versus using one of the stateside operators.

Online Horse Race Betting

Online Horse Race Betting Bet on Kentucky Derby

For example, did you know that the biggest legal stateside online race book website went offline just 15 minutes before the Kentucky Derby started in 2018? If you used your sportsbook account to place wagers, you would have been able to lock in your bets without interruption. You may learn more on how to bet on Kentucky Derby 2019 online below.

On top of that, if you want to go ahead and lock in your Kentucky Derby wagers early, you can look for the thoroughbred racing futures tab. This will give you the ability to lock in your odds early on which horse you think will be the eventual winner of the 2019 Kentucky Derby.

If you are lucky enough to attend the Kentucky Derby, you’ll be delighted to know that Churchill Downs has just added more parking, more seats, more rotunda areas and more pavilion areas so that horse racing fans can pack the track on Kentucky Derby 145.

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Omaha Beach Out of Kentucky Derby Race

Update: Omaha Beach is a scratch from the Kentucky Derby. In the latest Kentucky Derby injury update Omaha Beach out of Kentucky Derby race. Due to health conceners Omaha Beach will NOT be racing in the 145th Kentucky Derby. This has changed odds to win Kentucky Derby.

If you have not yet placed your Kentucky Derby bets it’s time to do so now. Below, we look at current chances to win Kentucky Derby. Also, the latest odds to win Kentucky Derby 2019.

Hall of Famer Bob Baffert will be trying to win his sixth Kentucky Derby on Saturday and has multiple horses running in this year’s Derby. One of his horses, Improbable, was an early favorite to win the Derby but two second-place finishes in his most recent races have pushed him down the list of Kentucky Derby betting contenders.

Improbable Chances to Win Kentucky Derby

Despite his recent losses, owner Elliott Walden was impressed with what he saw during training on Sunday and believes the horse could surprise a lot of people on Saturday.

“He’s feeling good, and I think (trainer) Bob (Baffert) has him right where he wants him,” Walden said of Improbable, who WinStar Farm co-owns along with China Horse Club International and Starlight Racing. “He reminds me of Super Saver when he came in here off Arkansas. The three weeks were a good three weeks.”

After his training session, jockey Florent Geroux, who will be riding Roadster at the Derby, liked what he saw as well. What does this mean for Omaha Beach out of Kentucky Derby race?

Odds to Win Kentucky Derby 2019

Odds to Win Kentucky Derby 2019

“I don’t think he was rank. He was just maybe a little bit keen and feeling good,” Geroux said. “He’s very easy (to ride) actually. Down the lane he was responding exactly to what I was asking him to. I could have gone faster if I wanted to. I could have gone a touch slower if I wanted to. He was just very cooperative.”

Baffert told reporters after the training session that he likes Improbable’s chances to win the Kentucky Derby because the horse loves the track. However, he is hoping for a favorable draw.

“He loves this track. I just love the way he kept on galloping out today,” Baffert said. “That’s what we wanted to see. He gets over it well. He’s not really big, but he jumps a long way. Now I can relax. Now we have to wait for the draw. That’s the last of the anxiety is the draw.”

Again, change your bets. Omaha Beach out of Kentucky Derby race as per news reports.

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Saturday Kentucky Derby Betting Picks

Update: Omaha Beach scratched from Kentucky Derby.

The 145th Kentucky Derby is just days away. Ready for some free Kentucky Derby betting picks? Have you met my friend Omaha Beach?

The 145th Kentucky Derby is less than a week away, which means horse racing fans are eagerly awaiting the betting lines so they can place a wager on their favorite horses.

During the Kentucky Derby prep season, horses like Omaha Beach, Game Winner, Improbable, and Tacitus stood out as the best of the crop, while other horses showed flashes that they could be a force to reckon with when we get to the first Saturday in May.

Omaha Beach became a bigger online sportsbook favorite to win the Derby after jockey Mike Smith decided to ride the three-year-old at the Derby over Bob Baffert-trained Roadster, who won the Santa Anita Derby.

Even though Churchill Downs hasn’t released its official betting odds, Horse Racing Nation’s Mark Midland, who accurately predicted Omaha Beach would be the favorite at the Arkansas Derby, came up with projected odds for the Kentucky Derby.

“Obviously, the Mike Smith decision was huge,” said Midland, who in 1999 created Churchill Downs’ Kentucky Derby Future Wager. “Were he to ride Roadster, that might have created more momentum for that runner.”

“Baffert’s other two runners, Game Winner and Improbable, are drifting up in price after consecutive losses,” Midland said. “However, both have won over the Churchill Downs track.”

Current Kentucky Derby Lines

Kentucky Derby Betting Picks

“Maximum Security, the Florida Derby winner, is a former claimer and still considered a longshot by many,” Midland added. “But the feeling is he will receive consistent support due to his undefeated record, powerful victory and perhaps a lack of other pace in the Derby.”

Horse Morning Line
Omaha Beach 9-2 (Scratch)
Roadster 5-1
Tacitus 6-1
Game Winner 8-1
Improbable 10-1
Maximum Security 10-1
Code of Honor 15-1
Vekoma 15-1
By My Standards 20-1
War of Will 20-1
Country House 30-1
Cutting Humor 30-1
Haikal 30-1
Long Range Toddy 30-1
Tax 30-1
Spinoff 30-1
Win Win Win 30-1
Gray Magician 50-1
Master Fencer 50-1
Plus Que Parfait 50-1

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Final Kentucky Derby Media Poll

The Final Kentucky Derby media poll is posted! The Kentucky Derby is only a few days away and now that we are done with the prep races, all eyes are on Churchill Downs. Going into the Derby, Omaha Beach has emerged as the favorite but horses like Game Winner, Tacitus, and Roadster are expected to provide some stiff competition.

“Omaha Beach has looked the part of a Kentucky Derby favorite since arriving here to Louisville,” said Horse Racing Nation’s Brian Zipse.
“But with a long streak of winning favorites due to end, and so many other good contenders, I still see this Derby as a very wide-open affair.”

“A few days out, I can’t base my rankings on whom I will bet but rather their likelihood of doing well,” said the Paulick Report’s Scott Jagow.

“Beyond the top tier, I’ve upgraded longshots I think are intriguing — mainly Spinoff, Win Win Win, Haikal, Long Range Toddy and Plus Que Parfait to at least spice up the exotics. Envisioning big prices this Derby.”

Win Win Win Kentucky Derby Favorite

Win Win Win Final Kentucky Derby Media Poll

“Derby is here and, once again, it’s shaping up to be a phenomenal race,” said Churchill Downs’ Kevin Kerstein. “The story lines are plentiful, the drama is starting to unfold. Who will come out on top? Probably Omaha Beach.”

Kentucky Derby Media Poll (Week 10)

Horse (1st-place votes) Points Previous

1. Omaha Beach (13) 461 1
2. Game Winner (4) 427 2
3. Roadster (1) 419 3
4. Tacitus (2) 386 4
5. Improbable (2) 382 5
6. Maximum Security 328 6
7. Code of Honor 284 8
8. Vekoma 282 7
9. By My Standards 269 10
10. Win Win Win (1) 264 9
11. War of Will 263 12
12. Tax 231 11
13. Spinoff 177 14
14. Haikal 175 13
15. Country House 155 17
16. Long Range Toddy 154 15
17. Cutting Humor 147 16
18. Plus Que Parfait 101 18
19. Gray Magician 60 19
20. Master Fencer 30 NR

One thing is for sure, this is shaping up to be a very interesting Kentucky Derby. Bet on the Kentucky Derby at the top wagering sites here!

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Betting on 2019 Kentucky Derby

With all the prep races before the Kentucky Derby done with, it is no surprise that there weren’t too many changes in this week’s Kentucky Derby media poll. Updated on wagering on horse racing picks below.

“The trick now is figuring out which of these is going to run the race of his life on the first Saturday in May,” said Tim Wilkin, reporter for the Albany Times-Union.

Omaha Beach was able to secure the top spot in this week’s poll thanks to Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith, who decided to stay with Omaha beach instead of teaming up with Bob Baffert to ride Roadster. Betting on 2019 Kentucky Derby for new bettors.

“Things will start moving around once we see these horses put in their final serious workouts,” said TVG’s Scott Hazelton. “Works are key, especially when they get a chance to work at Churchill.”

Wagering On Horse Racing

Betting on 2019 Kentucky Derby Wagering On Horse Racing

“It’s all about the works now, but it’s also a great time to remind myself not to get too caught up in a ‘good’ work,’” added Horse Racing Nation’s Mike Shutty. “Looking back at notes from last year, a lot of horses had great works leading up to the Derby but didn’t convert those into any success.”

Kentucky Derby Media Poll (Week 9)

Horse (1st-place votes) Points Previous

1. Omaha Beach (16) 470 1
2. Roadster (1) 428 2
3. Game Winner (3) 420 3
4. Tacitus (2) 405 4
5. Improbable (1) 392 5
6. Maximum Security 336 6
7. Vekoma 311 7
8. Code of Honor 269 T8
9. Win Win Win (1) 252 10
10. By My Standards 247 T8
11. Tax 236 11
12. War of Will 214 12
13. Haikal 177 13
14. Spinoff 174 15
15. Long Range Toddy 160 14
16. Cutting Humor 155 16
17. Country House 143 17
18. Plus Que Parfait 92 18
19. Gray Magician 43 19
20. Bourbon War 33 NR

Others receiving votes: Signalman, Master Fencer, Anothertwistafate, Alwaysmining, Bodexpress.

In conclusion, betting on 2019 Kentucky Derby is a lot easier than it looks.

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Bob Baffert Stops By Churchill Downs

On Monday, Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert made a surprise visit to Churchill Downs to oversee the training of Improbable, one of the three horses he will have at next month’s Kentucky Derby winner list. During the visit, which Baffert said WinStar’s Elliott Walden was the only one who knew about, he discussed Improbable’s training as well as the other two horses he will have at the Derby.

“He went very well,” Bob Baffert said of Improbable, who worked without blinkers, galloping out five furlongs in 1:01.40. “He went nice. Cruised around there. He’s happy. For a horse that just ran and shipped twice, he looks great. He looks fantastic. Don’t throw him out.”

Even though Improbable is the only horse he has at Churchill Downs right now, Baffert expects Roadster and Game Winner to arrive from California by the end of the week.

“They’ve been training in California, where our track’s been really deep,” Bob Baffert said. “It has a lot of sand to it after all the rain.

Kentucky Derby Winner Odds

Bob Baffert Kentucky Derby Winner

When they come here, it’s like they kick their combat boots off. They bounce over this track. This surface has always been a great surface.”
Even though all three horses have lost at least one race during the prep season, Bob Baffert believes any one of the three can win the Kentucky Derby this year.

Roadster: “Roadster’s the only horse that really closed that day (in the Santa Anita Derby). Roadster has gears. He’s figured it out. He came back and worked really well. We’ve always thought really highly of Roadster, so it’s a good position to be in.”

Game Winner: “He’s had these really wide trips. He can’t win the Derby like that. I think we’re in a position now where (Joel Rosario) can put him in a good spot. You know he’s going to give it to you at the end. He’ll go a mile and a quarter, and he has a good mind. He doesn’t get upset.”

Does Bob Baffert have another Kentucky Derby winner in him?

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Projected Odds For 2019 Kentucky Derby

The 2019 Kentucky Derby is only 12 days away. Which means horse racing fans are looking for the betting odds. This, so they can place wagers on the horses they believe have a chance to win the event. Below, projected odds for 2019 Kentucky Derby.

Since the official odds for the Derby won’t be released until the gate position has been announced, some experts decided to project the odds. This based on the qualifying points the horses earned.

Tacitus (150 qualifying points) 6-1 projected odds

Tacitus had a disappointing fourth place finish in his maiden race. However, he has been perfect since then. Winning his last three races. This allowed him to earn the most qualification points during the prep season. With the colt improving with every start, he will likely be the favorite to win the Derby when the official odds are released.

Current Kentucky Derby Favorites

Projected Odds 2019 Kentucky Derby Tacitus

Omaha Beach (137.5 qualifying points) 9-2 projected odds

Omaha Beach has been one of the busiest horses on the Derby trail and he has been improving with every race. He finished third in his maiden race. Also, followed it up with two second-place finishes before reeling off three consecutive wins, two of which came over Bob Baffert-trained Improbable and Game Winner. These were the favorites to win the Kentucky Derby at the time. With his recent string of wins and the competition he has defeated. He is another favorite that is capable of winning the Run for the Roses.

Vekoma (110 qualifying points) 15-1 projected odds for 2019 Kentucky Derby

Vekoma has won three of the four races he has been entered in and finished third in the fourth race. He has flown under the radar for most of the prep season because he did not participate in a G1 race. Since he didn’t face any of the favorites during the prep season, expect a middle of the pack finish for him.

Roadster (100 qualifying points) 5-1 projected odds

In conclusion, the Bob Baffert-trained horse was one of the early Derby favorites. Also, remains one of the top favorites after winning the two prep races he was entered in. One of which was a win over fellow Baffert-trained horse Game Winner. The only knock against Roadster is that he has only raced in California and could struggle on the Churchill Downs track.

What does this mean for 2019 Kentucky Derby betting?

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Can I Bet On the Kentucky Derby Online

With the Kentucky Derby 2019 just a few weeks ago we decided to answer some probing questions today. Visitors have asked us, “can I bet on the Kentucky Derby online?”. Also, we’ve been asked, “can you bet horse racing online?”.

The short answer is, yes. Below, we will cover the best betting sites for the Kentucky Derby. Also, changes to the current Kentucky Derby betting favorite.

Furthermore, Improbable, one of the three Bob Baffert trained horses expected to run at the Kentucky Derby, suffered his second loss on Saturday, losing to Omaha Beach at the Arkansas Derby.

Even though he finished second, Baffert was pleased with his performance because Improbable was restless in the starting gate and had to be backed out before being put back in his starting stall.

“I thought he had to run first or second to have a chance, so it puts him right there in the mix,” Baffert said. “It’s a wide-open Derby this year. I just feel thankful. It could have been disastrous. Really had some anxious moments there.

“I think he ran a great race and he’s going to improve off this. I’ve been bringing him along, getting him ready by running him and so he’ll move forward off of it.”

Can You Bet Horse Racing Online?

Can I Bet on the Kentucky Derby Online

Secondly, after the race, Baffert told reporters that Improbable ran with blinders for the first time. This likely led to his behavior before and after the race. As a precaution, Baffert won’t put blinders on Improbable at the Kentucky Derby.

“I don’t think he needs the blinkers,” Baffert said. “I think they got him a little upset. That’s probably why he acted up in the gate.”

Baffert is hoping one of his entries can win the Kentucky Derby this year, tying him with Hall of Famer Ben Jones for most Derby wins.

“I had some anxious moments,” Baffert told Santa Anita’s publicity staff of Improbable on Sunday morning, “but was pretty relieved that we ran second, got in the Derby and learned some things about the horse.”

“He does have gears. Took dirt for the first time and hung in there after getting upset in the gate. I’m not sure if it was the blinkers, because I noticed in the post parade he was rubbing his head, just being a little anxious.”

In conclusion, if you’re planning on wagering on the Kentucky Derby then check out these sites.

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