How to Bet on Kentucky Derby Online

The Kentucky Derby is the biggest horse racing event of the year, so it isn’t surprising that it is also one of the most bet on events every year. If you want to learn how to bet on Kentucky Derby online or Preakness Stakes then you’ve come to the right spot. Today we will be covering picks and predictions on how to bet on Kentucky Derby online for bettors in the U.S. and Canada looking to participate in Kentucky Derby online betting for the 145th running of the first leg of the Triple Crown.

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If you are new to betting on horse races and want to know how to bet on this year’s Kentucky Derby, here are a few ways to bet on the event.

Types of Kentucky Derby Bets

Wagering on horses is pretty simple, use this guide to help you with how to bet on Kentucky Derby online and jump into the action with ease.

  • Straight Wagers

Like any other sport, you can simply pick the winner of the Kentucky Derby. You can do this by betting on the horse you think will win. However, when it comes to horse racing, you can also bet on the horse you think will come second.  Also, you can pick a horse you think will finish third.

Bet On Kentucky Derby 2019 Online
In racing picking a horse to place means you expect the horse to finish second.  Picking a horse to show means you expect the horse to come third.

  • Exacta

In this scenario, you pick the horse that you think will win and the horse you think will finish second. However, you have to pick them in the exact order to win the best.

  • Trifecta

This requires you to pick the first, second, and third place finishers. Like the exacta, the horses have to finish in the right order to win the bet.

To win this bet, you have to pick the first, second, third, and fourth place finishers in the right order. You should note the difficulty of picking the top four finishers, the payouts for these bets are big.

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Can I Bet On the Kentucky Derby Online

With the Kentucky Derby 2019 just a few weeks ago we decided to answer some probing questions today. Visitors have asked us, “can I bet on the Kentucky Derby online?”. Also, we’ve been asked, “can you bet horse racing online?”.

The short answer is, yes. Below, we will cover the best betting sites for the Kentucky Derby. Also, changes to the current Kentucky Derby betting favorite.

Furthermore, Improbable, one of the three Bob Baffert trained horses expected to run at the Kentucky Derby, suffered his second loss on Saturday, losing to Omaha Beach at the Arkansas Derby.

Even though he finished second, Baffert was pleased with his performance because Improbable was restless in the starting gate and had to be backed out before being put back in his starting stall.

“I thought he had to run first or second to have a chance, so it puts him right there in the mix,” Baffert said. “It’s a wide-open Derby this year. I just feel thankful. It could have been disastrous. Really had some anxious moments there.

“I think he ran a great race and he’s going to improve off this. I’ve been bringing him along, getting him ready by running him and so he’ll move forward off of it.”

Can You Bet Horse Racing Online?

Can I Bet on the Kentucky Derby Online

Secondly, after the race, Baffert told reporters that Improbable ran with blinders for the first time. This likely led to his behavior before and after the race. As a precaution, Baffert won’t put blinders on Improbable at the Kentucky Derby.

“I don’t think he needs the blinkers,” Baffert said. “I think they got him a little upset. That’s probably why he acted up in the gate.”

Baffert is hoping one of his entries can win the Kentucky Derby this year, tying him with Hall of Famer Ben Jones for most Derby wins.

“I had some anxious moments,” Baffert told Santa Anita’s publicity staff of Improbable on Sunday morning, “but was pretty relieved that we ran second, got in the Derby and learned some things about the horse.”

“He does have gears. Took dirt for the first time and hung in there after getting upset in the gate. I’m not sure if it was the blinkers, because I noticed in the post parade he was rubbing his head, just being a little anxious.”

In conclusion, if you’re planning on wagering on the Kentucky Derby then check out these sites.

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Betting On Kentucky Derby Winner

The 145th Kentucky Derby is only 19 days away, which means we have had more than enough time to see the horses that will be in action on May 4 perform. Based on their performances throughout the prep season, we have come up with a list of the top contenders at the upcoming Run for the Roses, which are listed below.

1. Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach didn’t get off to a great start, finishing third and second in his first two races. He also finished second in his maiden race as a three-year-old before reeling off three consecutive wins, and knocking off two of the top contenders in his last two races, which will likely make him the favorite to win the Derby.

2. Improbable

Improbable was one of the top contenders to win the Derby after winning his first three races. Since then, he ran in two prep races and finished second in both, dropping him down to second place on the contender’s list. The fact that he looked very good when he ran at Churchill Downs last year also helps his case as the favorite to win the Derby this year.

Who Wins the Kentucky Derby?

Betting On Kentucky Derby Winner Who Wins The

Now we look at the remaining 3 horses on who wins the Kentucky Derby.

3. Game Winner

Like Improbable, Game Winner looked impressive winning his first four races, which includes last year’s Breeders’ Cup Juvenile. Since then, he finished second at the Rebel Stakes and second at the Santa Anita Derby, which has led some to wonder if he can pull off the Derby win.

4. Roadster

Roadster won his first race then finished third in Del Mar Futurity, losing to Game Winner. An injury forced him out of action since September, but he has looked good since his return, winning his last two races, one of which came against Game Winner at the Santa Anita Derby.

5. Tacitus

Tacitus has been flying under the radar but he looked impressive during the prep season and has won his last three races. However, none of the wins came at a G1 race which means he hasn’t faced the caliber of opponents the other horses on this list have, which is why he isn’t higher on the list.

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Week 8 Media Poll Kentucky Derby

This week, Arkansas Derby winner Omaha Beach, vaulted to the top of the Kentucky Derby media poll after defeating a field that included Kentucky Derby favorite, Improbable.

The win, which was impressive, has been drawing a lot of rave reviews for a horse that was hanging on to one of the final qualification spots just a week ago.

“The cream finally has risen to the top,” said Steve Haskin, author of BloodHorse’s Derby Dozen.

“Omaha Beach has beaten Game Winner and Improbable, two of the three stars in Bob Baffert’s barn,” added John Clay, columnist at the Lexington Herald-Leader. “There’s every reason to think he can beat the third Baffert star, Roadster, as well.”

“Omaha Beach may be a tough customer if Mike Smith picks him over Roadster,” said The Pressbox’s Gene McLean. “That would be a huge sign. Huge.”

Even though he finished second to Omaha Beach, Improbable dropped to fifth in the poll, while Long Range Toddy, who was eighth last week dropped to 14.

Improbable Kentucky Derby Favorite

Week 8 Media Poll Improbable Kentucky Derby Favorite

Here are the full rankings in the latest Derby media poll:

Kentucky Derby Media Poll (Week 8) and best chances to win 2019 Derby.

Horse (1st-place votes) Points Previous

1. Omaha Beach (15) 531 4
2. Roadster (5) 499 1
3. Game Winner (1) 482 3
4. Tacitus (3) 470 5
5. Improbable (1) 448 2
6. Maximum Security 390 7
7. Vekoma 367 6
T8. By My Standards 306 11
T8. Code of Honor 306 9
10. Win Win Win (1) 292 10
11. Tax 259 12
12. War of Will 243 13
13. Haikal 208 14
14. Long Range Toddy 189 8
15. Spinoff 185 16
16. Cutting Humor 172 15
17. Country House 138 NR
18. Plus Que Parfait 120 20
19. Anothertwistafate 69 17
20. Gray Magician 57 NR

Others receiving votes: Bourbon War, Signalman, Master Fencer, Instagrand, Bodexpress, Sueno, Owendale, Galilean. That concludes this week 8 media poll Kentucky Derby betting odds.

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Kentucky Derby Horses to Watch

One of the best ways to lock in favorable odds on a horse is to lock in a Kentucky Derby Future Bet well before pari-mutuel betting starts. Does this sound like something you can follow? In today’s article we review the top online sportsbooks for horse racing. Also, names of Kentucky Derby horses to watch.

Many online sportsbooks offer futures wagering pools on the Kentucky Derby. This is well ahead of the actual race. It can be advantageous to lock in a big bet on the Kentucky Derby early. This, given the fact that horse racing fans have nailed the Kentucky Derby winner as the overall favorite every year since 2012. What does this mean for 2019?

What horses could be contenders in the 2019 Kentucky Derby? Below, a recap of the top contenders for the 145th Kentucky Derby.


One of the horses that is getting a lot of early hype is Epic Dreamer. Did you know that Epic Dreamer’s father is former Kentucky Derby winner Orb? Epic Dreamer recently won the maiden special at Belmont in convincing fashion. Epic Dreamer is a horse to watch as this horse has a good jockey, a good trainer and a good pedigree.

Kentucky Derby Online Sportsbooks

Kentucky Derby Online Sportsbooks 2019


Therefore, it’s any horses race to win. Could a European Horse win the Kentucky Derby? One of the best things about the Kentucky Derby is that it is truly an international competition and Mohawk leads the European Road to the Kentucky Derby points race. Most of the time, Kentucky Derby horse winners come from Kentucky, Florida or California. Could a European Horse rise to occasion and win the Kentucky Derby?


This horse is trained by Shug McGaughey and many will look at this horses Breeders Cup Juvenile performance to see if this horse has what it takes to win the Kentucky Derby. CODE OF HONOR is a horse that seems to be getting better and you’ll get plenty of chances to watch this horse race on the road to the Kentucky Derby.

In conclusion, wagering on the Kentucky Derby is simple. Do you think you have the handicapping skills to score big winning odds at Kentucky Derby 145? Keep your eyes on the futures section of your favorite online sportsbook and lock in lucrative odds on your pick to win the Kentucky Derby.

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Looking Ahead to Kentucky Derby Preview 145

True fans know that the Kentucky Derby is a race unlike any other in the world. Today, we begin with our Kentucky Derby preview. Also, information on how much does it cost to go to the Kentucky Derby.

It has been a tradition for well over a century now and fans are waiting for the next big race. There are a few tidbits that people need to know when it comes to Kentucky Derby 145.

For example, did you know that the Derby is the 145th incarnation of a long running tradition for horse racing? True fans can catch the fastest 2 minutes in sports.

Get up to speed when it comes to the biggest names in horse racing.

People are amazed with the Derby’s intense action and what it will represent for all involved.

Kentucky Derby 145 promises to be a fun filled afternoon that people really do want to see. The horses have name recognition and the jockeys are after fame as well. The fortune of the prize is a top draw for anyone who wants to participate in Kentucky Derby 145.

The race will attract a lot of fanfare but it symbolizes something else for fans.

How Much Does it Cost to go to the Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Preview Cost

The Kentucky Derby is often a bucket list item for many horse racing fans and people who are unfamiliar with the sport will want to see how betting on horses works.

You can be sure that the Kentucky Derby is an event like that Super Bowl and it will attract the world’s best jockeys and 3-year-old thoroughbreds.

What to expect from the Derby?

Horses will be photographed by the media for Kentucky Derby 145. The riders might also be interviewed before the race to assess how they are feeling.

The media knows that the race is often the top attraction for the entire state of Kentucky and true racing fans embody the importance and pageantry of this event.

Kentucky Derby 145 is sure to be more popular than ever. The Kentucky Derby continues to be a top international sports event that attracts watchers from all around the globe.

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Kentucky Derby Media Poll Week 7

Update: The latest Kentucky Derby media poll Week 7 has new favorites. This week’s top Kentucky Derby favorites Roadster, Improbable, and Game Winner.

After another weekend of Kentucky Derby Prep Races, there is a shakeup in this week’s Kentucky Derby media poll.

Last week’s favorite, Game Winner, finished second at the Santa Anita Derby and dropped to third place. Win Win Win, was unranked last week but moved into 10th place this week after finishing second at the Blue Grass Stakes, while Bourbon War dropped from 10th to 18th.

The big winner this week is Bob Baffert, who has the top three horses in this week’s media poll.

“Baffert, already a five-time winner, could have the strongest contingent of Derby contenders he’s ever had in one year,” said the Southern California News Group’s Art Wilson.

“Well, I’m sure of one thing after the weekend: Bob Baffert is likely to win the Kentucky Derby again,” added SportsLine’s Jody Demling. “Just not sure which of the three it will be.”

Despite Baffert having the top three horses in the poll, experts expect a very competitive field this year.

Top Kentucky Derby Favorites

Top Kentucky Derby Favorites 2019

“With less than four weeks remaining until the first Saturday in May, this is one of the most competitive Derby fields to date,” said Churchill Downs’ Kevin Kerstein. “There have been 39 different winners on the Road to the Kentucky Derby through 43 races.”

Kentucky Derby Media Poll (Week 7)

Horse (1st-place votes) Points Previous

1. Roadster (8) 518 9
2. Improbable (6) 493 2
3. Game Winner (3) 492 1
4. Omaha Beach (5) 467 3
5. Tacitus (3) 457 6
6. Vekoma 373 17
7. Maximum Security 363 5
8. Long Range Toddy 326 4
9. Code of Honor 276 7
10. Win Win Win (1) 268 NR
11. By My Standards 257 8
12. Tax 241 20
13. War of Will 213 14
14. Haikal 176 13
15. Cutting Humor 162 12
16. Spinoff 155 11
17. Anothertwistafate 148 15
18. Bourbon War 127 10
19. Signalman 111 NR
20. Plus Que Parfait 81 19

Next 10 receiving votes: Galilean, Country House, Bodexpress, Instagrand, Gray Magician, Mucho Gusto, Somelikeithotbrown, Sueno, Master Fencer, Outshine.

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Kentucky Derby Horses With the Best Chances

The 2019 Kentucky Derby is less than a month away, which means we have a clearer picture of the top Kentucky Derby horses with the best chances to win this year’s Run for the Roses. Also, today we preview Vegas odds Kentucky Derby 2019.

At the start of the Kentucky Derby prep season, Bob Baffert-trained Improbable and Game Winner looked like the best horses in the field. However, now that the prep season is all but over. Other horses have emerged as legitimate contenders.

With the Arkansas Derby being the only major prep race left, Mike Battaglia, who sets the odds for Churchill Downs, believes Game Winner will be the favorite to win the Derby this year. If bettors agree they can wager on Game Winner at the top Kentucky Derby sites.

Despite Battaglia’s belief that Game Winner will go into the Derby as the favorite. He does not expect the three-year-old colt to be an overwhelming favorite.

“I can’t see any clear-cut 5-2 favorite. Not this year,” Battaglia added, “unless Improbable wins the Arkansas Derby by eight open lengths or sets a track record or something that no one’s really done, and that’s throw in a sensational race.”

Vegas Odds Kentucky Derby 145

Kentucky Derby Horses With the Best Chances Vegas Odds

Battaglia also said he was impressed with the winners on Saturday. Tacitus won the Wood Memorial, Vekoma won the Blue Grass, while Roadster won the Santa Anita Derby. Battaglia is also impressed with Maximum Security. MS, the Florida Derby winner who he said “could be an absolute freak. But the fact that he ran for a tag the first time will keep people away from him.”

Battaglia expects Roadster to be a close second to Game Winner when the Derby odds are released, and compared the situation between Game winner and Roadster to 2015 when eventual Triple Crown winner American Pharoah and Dortmund were the top two favorites to win the Derby.

“But you can get a sense of it,” Battaglia said. “It was close between who was going to be the favorite between those two. When you went over by the barn, you heard American Pharoah, American Pharoah. You didn’t hear a lot about Dortmund.”

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Roadster Impresses At Santa Anita Becomes Kentucky Derby Favorite

On Saturday, during the Santa Anita Derby, Bob Baffert-trained horse Roadster completed an improbable comeback to win the $1 million stakes. Also, not only qualified for the Kentucky Derby, he also became one of the top Kentucky Derby favorite to win it in 2019.

Running against a field that includes stablemate, Game Winner, Roadster overcame a slow start. He charged down the center of the track to move past Game Winner and pick up the win.

“Too bad. It couldn’t have been a dead heat,” Baffert quipped. “I’m excited about both of them.”

“Mike Smith — he knows the horse really well, and he rode him with a lot of confidence. When Game Winner turned for home. I thought for sure Game Winner was going to win because he likes company,” Baffert said. “But then when (Instagrand) was getting tired, (Game Winner) made the lead by himself.”

“I saw a horse coming. I thought, ‘Man, I hope that’s my other horse,’ and it was. Those are two really good horses.”

2019 Kentucky Derby Favorite

Roadster Kentucky Derby Favorite 2019

Roadster is also known as the “TMZ Horse” thanks to a comment Baffert made after winning the Triple Crown with Justify last year. A tabloid reporter asked the five-time Kentucky Derby winning trainer which horse would be next in line after Justify’s retirement and he replied saying Roadster will be the next. Another bold Kentucky Derby prediction.

With the Kentucky Derby less than a month away, Roadster will get a chance to prove his trainer right when he runs at Churchill Downs. The three-year-old has won three of the four races he has been entered in. Also, he finished third at the Del Mar Futurity, behind Game Winner and Rowayton.

Baffert was also pleased with the turnout at Santa Anita. Which was shut down in March due to safety concerns after a series of horse deaths on the track.

“You know what makes this the best?” Baffert asked. “What we’ve been through this last month, and you see all these fans showed up here today. It’s the best therapy that anybody can get, because everybody knows we love our horses, and we love our game.”

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Bourbon War Still Alive In Kentucky Derby Qualifying

Mark Hennig-trained three-year-old Bourbon War missed out on an opportunity to qualify for the Kentucky Derby this past weekend. This was after a fourth-place finish at the Florida Derby. The win was won by Maximum Security. Next up, updated Kentucky Derby qualifying odds.

Furthermore, despite his disappointing finish and the fact that he doesn’t have enough points, Hennig believes his horse still has a chance to qualify for next month’s Kentucky Derby.

“He’s doing great,” Hennig said. “I don’t think there’s any doubt [the pace] had a large impact on us. At least not being third, for sure. I’m not saying we were going to win the race or anything, but I’d like to think with a little pace we could have been a little closer.”

Therefore, if you plan to wager on the 2019 Kentucky Derby you’ve landed on the right site.

“And a little better trip, too, [instead of] having to go around the whole way. If you look at his trip versus Code of Honor’s, I think that made a big difference.”

Kentucky Derby Qualifying Odds


Bourbon War is currently 15th in the qualification table with 31 points. Since he isn’t entered in any more races before the Kentucky Derby, Hennig is hoping for some help from the other qualifiers who still have upcoming races.

“We’d love to be able to get into the Kentucky Derby on points. If we [have enough] points we’d be confident going forward because he’s a horse you’d like to think leaving here would be good for him to get off a track where it’s hard to close,” Hennig said.

“Right now we don’t know what that status is,” he added. “It doesn’t look great. However, we’re just going to stand pat and watch how the races run next weekend in the Santa Anita Derby, Blue Grass and Wood and see where the points stand after that. I think it’ll help indicate to us a little more about where we are.”

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